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Intuitive IT, your Outsourced IT provider

One outsourced IT team for your business

What's the benefit?

Your web designer and system administrator sit metres apart and understand how one change they make affects the other’s systems.  This goes for your database programmer, your helpdesk person, and the developer.

Having this interaction means the communication barriers between your technical team members are non existent meaning implementation of enhancements and the resolution of issues are quicker than ever before.

Your IT Manager

And keeping an eye on all that is going on is your IT manager who will manage your outsourced IT team. 

They will meet with you to discuss the important issues and ensure everything else gets done without having to bother you, so you can run your business.

Your IT Strategy

We can work with you to build an IT strategy for your business.  We’ll come up with short, medium and long term goals, working with your management team to ensure our strategy lines up with your business goals.

Having IT aligned with your business' goals means that your technology will support you and your team in achieving those goals turning your IT department and your technology into a business enabler.