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Your valuable data needs a well designed, well maintained database


We have skills in the 2 big databases used by SMEs - Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle’s mySQL database.



Using our years of experience in database maintenance, our process with managing databases is focused on security and stability.  This means we lock down the database so only accounts that need access get access.



With your database in our hands, we can discuss data integrity strategies and setup plans accordingly. All this means is we’ll talk about how your database works, how often backups need to run, what your recovery strategy is and then put in automated plans (with alerting) to take care of it for you.


If you don’t have a database yet and want to build one, we can take you through the design phase, setup your tables, views and stored procedures. Once built and tested we can even get your old data imported into the new database for you too.

Let's get connected

Once your database is in place, we can get your data connected to a website, windows application, excel or all of the above.  Our developers can build an Application Programming Interface (API) so that you can share your data across many different platforms easily and securely.