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Keeping an eye on your systems 24/7

One agent for all your needs

For networks under our control we will install our monitoring software on the servers and PCs.  This program crawls the network and creates an inventory of all the hardware and the software installed on them.

It will also keep an eye on key services and resources on the server such as disk space, CPU usage and the Event Log just to name a few.

Having your system managed and monitored means fixing issues before they affect your company's bottom line through lost productivity.

Patch management

Our software can also be used to apply security updates and patches to your systems on a schedule or ad hoc if need be. It can even be used to patch remote machines that aren’t on the network.

This means your network will be less vulnerable to bugs and security issues which in turn means your staff will spend less time dealing with issues and more time keeping your customers happy.

Remote assistance

A picture is worth a thousand words, and seeing the problem first hand will save a lot of time.  Our program gives us access to your computer when you are in need. With a few clicks of a button we’ll be able to see your screen and help you in an instant.

This means your team don't have to wait for support to come onsite to fix their problems.

Within minutes we are fixing the issues which means less down time, which means more productivity.

Managed anti-virus

We can deploy and manage your anti-virus software across your entire network.  In the event of a virus detection, networks can be automatically shut down to prevent an outbreak, protecting the remaining computers.

Stopping viruses in their tracks means:

  • your critical business data stays safe
  • your staff can continue to work
  • your company's productivity is not affected

Managed anti-spam

Protecting your inbox from spam and virus infected messages provides another layer of protection to your network.

Our anti-spam system stops unwanted messages before they reach your network but makes sure legitimate messages are allowed through.

Reducing spam means your company spends less time in their inbox (which is still too high) and more time communicating with your clients.

Software licensing management

We’ll have full visibility into all the software installed on your network.  This helps us manage your licensing needs and keeps rogue programs off your network.

Good licence management means you are compliant when the auditors come knocking.

When they arrive you are not given much time to prepare, so in order to reduce the burden of the audit on your team, and get them back to their day job, our license management model means all the data the auditors require will be at their finger tips.

Warranty management

PC, server and network device warranties are crucial in a stable IT network.  We’ll have alerting and monitoring setup to ensure we are made aware when your hardware warranty is ending.  This will help us make the right call on what we do next with that hardware.

With business grade warranties on all hardware, PCs are fixed by the next business day and servers are fixed within hours.

Saving your business both time and money.

Network device monitoring

We not only keep an eye on your computers and servers but also the rest of your network equipment. We can make sure your firewalls, routers and switches are not having any issues and if they are, fix it before it becomes a problem.

These key pieces of infrastructure are as important as your servers that stores your business IP, because without them, you won't be able to access that IP.